Cathedral Of Bari

The Cathedral of Bari that dates from the XI century and was rebuilt in the XII century after the destruction by the Norman Guglielmo II il Malo, is another great example of the Apulian Romanesque, though it was modified during the 17th century from a Baroque point of view.

The Cathedral is dedicated to San Sabino,the mortal remains of which are preserved in the crypta under the icon of the Madonna Odegitria, according the tradition, painted by San Luca. Characteristic of this structure is the old baptistry, accessible from the left aisle and called “Trulla”, now converted in the sacristy. Its high bell tower commands the skyline of the city. It’s also interesting the Cathedral Museum, where it’s possible to admire the Exultet of the XI century, rolls of parchment with the Easter Preys and sacred pictures that helped the believers to understand the liturgy .

Bari is a big port city on the Adriatic coast. It is the capital of the Italian region of Puglia. You can visit this Cathedral of Bari from other places in Italy where you have come for a holiday. It is suggested that you visit this Cathedral while you are in Italy. You can hire a car to take you to the Cathedral of Bari and also other attractions around like Cattedrale di San Sabino, Piazza del Ferrarese, Piazza Mercantile and more. There are many car hire agencies in Italy like car-rental-italy that offer guided trips around the places of attraction in Italy. Car Rental Italy offers attractive packages for chauffeured or self driven cars on hire to travel within Italy and explore the place completely.

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