Monthly Archives: November 2016

Best Places to Visit in Italy

The people who live there call it The Belapese, Beautiful Country, and while they may be biased, the Italians certainly know what they are talking about. Lovers of fashion, art and food alike will find something to swoon for when they get to Italy. There is so much to see that many people need to […]

Best Gelato in Rome

Indulge in a magical mystery tour of Rome’s most celebrated ice cream parlours and marvel at the variety of gelato you are going to encounter in Rome. Hitting the ice cream parlour is a must for many tourists after dumping their luggage in a beautiful Rome apartment when first landing in Rome. Luckily, you don’t […]

Autumn – Ideal Time to Visit Italy

Italy is beautiful any time of year, but for those who have some flexibility of travel time, Italy travel deals are superb in the pleasant autumn months. Gone are the families with children who head to Europe in the summer months when the kids are on school break. Gone are many of the college students […]

Across Northern Italy – Emilia Romagna and More

Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy is a place worthy of interest when visiting Italy. Travelers are encouraged to stay for several days to fully appreciate its tourist attractions. Bologna, its regional capital, is home to Europe’s oldest university. This city is also regarded as Italy’s culinary capital. The Piazzas Nettuno and Maggiore offer Romanesque and […]