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Ski Resorts in Chisone Valley

The Chisone Valley and the Germanasca Valley are perhaps the least known regions of Piedmont. Val Chisone is a small valley village and is the perfect place to stay when you want to explore the Italian Alps. Whether you plan to ski in the winter or hike in the summer, you can pass through Val […]

Madonie National Park

Madonie National Park is situated in south of Cefalu and it was the second natural reserve to be established in Sicily. A visit to the Madonie National Park gives you a glimpse of an alternative Sicily, far from the coast and set amidst an idyllic rural landscape of hilltop villages and flower-carpeted parkland. Venture as […]

Healing Waters of Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme is set against the backdrop of picturesque hills in the Valdinievole (Valley of Mists), around forty Kilometres to the west of Florence. This place is elegant and impressive, with its green and perfectly manicured the public park and gardens. Although relatively modern by Tuscan standards, the town has a fascinating historical and cultural […]

Castle of Sammezzano

The Castello di Sammezzano sits on top of a hill in Tuscany, Northern Italy. Originally it was built in the Moorish style and then re-designed later. The Castello di Sammezzano is a show-stopper, a jaw-dropper. Hidden away in the Tuscan hills of Northern Italy, this electrifyingly beautiful Moorish castle was built a whopping hundreds of […]

Beautifully Blue – Grotta Azzurra

The Grotta Azzurra or the Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, southern Italy. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern and hence the name, Blue Grotto. This natural cavern is 25 meters wide and 60 […]

The Picturesque Province–Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is the smallest region located in the northwest of Italy between France and Switzerland. It is the smallest and least populous province of Italy. Amidst the Alpine rivers and clad with flowery meadows, this mountainous territory is an amazing and enchanting picturesque place. It goes without saying that, with the concentration of Monte […]

Enchanting Fairy-tale Park of Pinocchio–No Lies!!

The Park of Pinocchio is an enchanted place, with an almost retro style atmosphere, located in Collodi, a small town close to Pistoia, Tuscany. The monumental park celebrates the fairy-tale, in more than a hectare of Mediterranean scrubland, of which there are numerous aspects in collaboration with many artists who, have reconstructed the journey that […]

Heritage Town of Otranto

Otranto is a town in the province of Lecce and is part the Salento area. It is located in a harbour along the east coast on the Adriatic Sea and is the easternmost town in Italy. Its small seaport is mostly used for fishing activity and tourism, especially for the ferry services to Greece. The […]

Grottaferrata – Abbey of Santa Maria

The city of Grottaferrata is part of the province of Rome and is located in the area known as Roman Castles. Grottaferrata has about 21,000 inhabitants and for many years has been a favourite destination of the Romans and foreign tourists who come here to relax during the weekend. Grottaferrata is a quiet place and […]

Zattere – The Waterfront Promenade

Zattere in Venice is a long waterfront promenade and a great place for an evening stroll and a meal along the water. Located in the Dorsoduro district, it is a relatively peaceful promenade, and makes for a nice break away from the many crowded areas in the city. Zattere is a spacious promenade that runs […]