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Citta Alta – Bergamo

Bergamo in Northern Italy is less than 1 hour northeast of Milan and has been living quietly at the edge of the Alps for more than 2,000 years. Bergamo is a town that consists of 2 distinct parts – Citta Bassa or the lower city and the Citta Alta, the old upper city and historic […]

More Than a Fashion Hub -Milan

Milan is one of the well-known cities not only of Italy but of the world. The city has many attracting aspects in it with excellent options for the shopping, opera, football and has a very pleasurable nightlife. Milan is also considered as the market place for the Italian fashion world where one can find many […]

Local Flavours of Lake Orta Region

Lake Orta is located in Northern Italy, near Lake Maggiore, in Piedmont region. Known for being a very stylish, refined and cosmopolitan area, Lake Orta region is famous for its elegant urban architecture and wonderful landscapes. It is definitely a great place to visit all year long. This Italian area offers a rich variety of […]

Irresistible Charm of Anzio

Anzio, Rome enables you to explore the immense cultural wealth and art masterpieces of Italy. The picturesque harbour is located directly at the Mediterranean Sea, 45 km south of Rome and free of mass tourism. The culture and the history of the region, the nature and the typical Italian way of life invite the visitors […]

Cassino’s Month of Feasts

Cassino is a commune in the province of Frosinone, Italy at the southern region of Lazio. Cassino is best known for its enchanting landscapes, monuments and the Abbey of Montecassino – a place that attracts numerous pilgrims all year round. Although this city promises an unforgettable vacation whichever month you plan to visit it, the […]

Teatro alla Scala

La Scala, known also as Teatro alla Scala is one of the principal opera houses of the world and the leading Italian house in Milan, which is an industrial city in Northern Italy often compared to Chicago. Milan is the Mecca of the art form for performers and opera lovers the world over. Aspiring singers […]

ATMosfera – A Quick Bite in the Air!!

Wouldn’t it be out of this world to take a window seat and watch the world go by while we linger over a cappuccino at the local bar?! Imagine for a moment, being able to watch the whole city go by. Monuments, towers and sculpted vistas would appear in front of your eyes, without you […]

While in Rome…Colosseum is a Must-see

Rome, Italy, presents such a feast of attractions for visitors; it can be difficult to select which sights to see, given a vacation’s typical time limit. One way to choose is to take a timeline approach, picking an attraction that reflects Rome in its many manifestations over the centuries, beginning with ancient Rome and ending […]

Gavi di Gavi – Fine Italian White Wine

Gavi is the commune in the Italian region of Piedmont where the white Gavi di Gavi wine is produced. Gavi di Gavi wine is a top-ranking fine white wine with a dry and pleasant character, available in the still classic version or a foaming spumante version, depending on the wine-making styles of the winery. It […]