February Calls For Carnevale!

February is a big month in Italy in terms of festivals. The reason to choose February for your Italian holiday is, of course, the world famous celebration of Carnevale. Carnevale is popular all over the country, but some cities are particularly famous for it, Venice possibly being the best example. A relaxed, playful atmosphere characterizes this period of the year, which lasts around a couple of weeks.

Carnivale takes place a couple of weeks before the beginning of Lent, so the exact dates vary each year. Celebrations last for a few weeks, with Venice and Viareggio being considered as favorite destinations. The actual celebrations begin in Venice around two weeks before the date of the Carnevale itself. Public events and art shows are organized each night in different areas of the city. The atmosphere is quite festive, people roam around the streets at all hours, dressed in various costumes and music, food and good wine are available everywhere. Some of the best events in Venice during the Carnevale are boat and gondola parades in the Grand Canal. Celebrations in Venice reach their heights on the last night of the Carnevale, with grand fireworks marking the end of the holiday.

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