Monthly Archives: November 2013

Wine Tasting Tours by the Tuscan Countryside

Rent a car to explore the drive through Tuscany for a scenic drive through the Tuscan countryside.  Enjoy a stroll among Chianti vineyards, olive groves and wine cellars before you go on to indulge in a traditional Tuscan lunch amongst the Sienese hills. Take on a country drive through magnificent Tuscan landscapes in Chianti. This […]

Milan – Oh Bej!

The Italian city of Milan has a Christmas market that takes over a public square for a time before December 25th. Milan is home to several Christmas markets worth checking out. The best Christmas market in Milan isn’t centered just for the christmas day or the week around, but starts early in December – so […]

Driving Through the Regional Aroma

There are not too many nations that can say their national dish has become an international phenomenon. Italy has two such dishes, pasta and of course pizza. Pizza in its most basic form as a seasoned flatbread has a long history in the Mediterranean. Several cultures including the Greeks and Phoenicians ate a flatbread made […]

The Leaning Minaret

Italy is a picturesque country where every region has something new to offer whether it is its food, the people, the history or its architecture. Italian architecture is unsurpassed in Europe and historically Italy has everything which shows within its architecture. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the bell tower or a campanile and is […]

Italy from behind the Wheel

Italy is a popular tourist attraction and has been pulling large tourist crowd for decades. It is popular for many things and has been a dream destination for many. Due to its popularity, the place remains crowded all year round. Getting a cab to reach places on time does not seem like an easy option […]

Driving in downtown Rome

Driving in Rome can be challenging as this typical street scene shows. Try to have a good navigator with you to keep you going in the right direction while you maintain your eyes and senses alert for pedestrians, scooters and cars coming at you from all directions.