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Ducal Palace of The Gonzaga Dynasty

Gonzaga Dynasty is an Italian dynasty that ruled Mantua from 1328 to 1707 and also Montferrat, with the stronghold of Casale, from 1536 to 1707. The Gonzaga Dynasty had a keenness for art and nuances that were considered an eye fiesta. The Gonzagas’ royal residence, the Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace), is a majestic, overwhelming maze […]

Halloween Celebrations in Corinaldo

If you are holidaying in Italy during the month of October, make it a point to visit Corinaldo during the Halloween time, that is October 31. The medieval walled town of Corinaldo, northeast of Ancona in central Italy’s le Marche region, calls itself the Italian Capital of Halloween. The last week of October at the […]

The Civic Museum of Ivrea

The picturesque town of Ivrea is in north-west Italy, near Turin. Ivrea lies in a basin that in prehistoric times formed a great lake. Today a number of five smaller lakes — Sirio, San Michele, Pistono, Nero and Campagna — are found in the area around the town. The Civic Museum in Ivrea is a […]

Sassi di Matera

Matera is renowned as one of the oldest existing cities in the world. It is located in a small canyon in the region of Basilicata in southern Italy. It is southwest of Puglia and while you are on a holiday in Italy, it is certainly worth the effort to visit Matera and check the place […]

Picturesque Attractions in Lazio

Lazio is the Italian region containing Rome, as well as other interesting travel destinations. Lazio has a lot of picturesque highlights to offer to the Italian tourists. Rugged limestone mountains, romantic gorges and volcanic lakes, vast plains and spacious coasts. Venturing around the place lets you discover a region that’s not only beautiful,but also littered […]

A Trip to Tharros

Sardinia is an island of thrilling coastal drives and puzzling history. Sardinia captivates with its wild interior, dazzling beaches and endearing eccentricities.A visit to Sardinia, Italy would not be not complete without a trip to Tharros, attested to in Roman itineraries as one of the most important settlements on the island. In a now-familiar pattern, […]

Combai Chestnut Festival

October is the month of the chestnut harvest and there are chestnut festivals all over Italy.Festa dei Marroni is unusual in that it takes place during the week as well as at weekends. It takes place from 8th to 31st October, everyday till midnight, visitors can enjoy tastings of sweet dishes, honey and ice cream […]