The Palazzo Dei Papi – Viterbo

Viterbo is in central Italy, around 65 miles north of Rome. The medieval walled hilltown is situated in the Lazio region, and is the administrative centre of its province, the Provincia di Viterbo. Rather confusingly, the area is also known as Tuscia, and lies within the loosely defined area of Etruria, which spreads through Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany, incorporating the heartlands of the ancient Etruscan civilisation.

The Palazzo dei Papi or Palazzo Papale (Papal Palace), located in the attractive Piazza San Lorenzo, is a striking reminder of this town’s former importance. Built between 1255 and 1267 to house the popes who had sought refuge in Viterbo, its most striking feature is an elegant seven-arched loggia. The small courtyard behind these interlocking arches is also pretty, with a lion-bedecked fountain and views out towards the city walls.

Most of the palace is not open to the public. The loggia is usually open in the mornings, except on Thursdays. You can visit the papal election hall or Salone or Aula del Conclave, by request through the Museo del Colle del Duomo. It is suggested that you hire a car to go around and check the places in Viterbo. It is a good idea to rent a car to reach Viterbo from other places of Italy as it gives you a chance to explore more places on the go. car-rental-italy provides cars on hire from a wide range of cars for well designed economical packages for the tourists and tourists find this a convenient option to explore Italy and experience the essence of Italy.

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