Monthly Archives: April 2016

Mountains and Beaches of Molise

Molise is a central region of Italy, the capital city of which is Campobasso. To the north of this region lies Abruzzi, north-west is Lazio, south-west Campania and to the east the Adriatic Sea. One important destination in this place is Campitello Matese which has a ski resort of about 40 km of slopes and […]

The Three Temples of Paestum

Paestum is located about 45 minutes south of Naples just off the A3 highway. It was a Greek colony of the Sibans before a war with the Romans in 273 B.C. turned it into a Latin colony. There are three main temples in the ruins of Paestum. They are Temple of Neptune, Temple of Ceres […]

Grand Jewel of a City – Bevagna

Close to Umbria’s major centres of tourist interest, the Medieval village of Bevagna (Province of Perugia), which is positioned in the center of Umbria, is distinguished for its abundance of monuments, the quality of its historically-artisanal products, and for its sought-out gastronomic traditions. Not only, but it is surrounded by its old city walls, in […]

Incredible Roman Architecture – Pantheon

Italy is a beautiful country that boasts many historic cities and sites. Rome is famous for its architecture and history. The Pantheon is one of the top sites to visit when in Rome. It is a structure built for the gods, literally. It was an ancient temple that still stands today. The Pantheon, an exceptionally […]

The Festival of Artichoke – Ladispoli

Sagre are Italian food festivals. Unlike religious festivals that include special foods, like Easter, Shrove Tuesday and Carnival of Ivrea, these festivals are centered on the local cuisine. The events are usually held annually and the entire community gets involved. If you happen upon one of these festivals during your stay, you should take advantage […]

Mesmerizing Milan

Milan is known for its museums, cathedrals, operas, music, art and fashion. All these attractions make Milan a preferred tourist destination. The famed Duomo or Cathedral in Milan, located near city center, is the most popular spot to visit. The interior of this breath-taking Gothic cathedral offers a lot to explore. Climb the stairs to […]

Galleria degli Uffizi

The Uffizi Gallery is located in the heart of Florence. It is one of the most famous museums in the world given the rich amount of unique artworks and masterpieces conserved within its walls, the majority from the Renaissance period. The main part of the collections was left by the Medici to the state of […]