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The Temple of Neptune

The Temple of Neptune is the grandest, the last, and the best preserved of temples at Paestum. This temple was recognized from the first as being the grandest of all the temples and it was therefore assumed in the eighteenth century that it must have been dedicated to the patron god of the city who […]

Parks and Tunnels of Turin

A secret shade of Turin’s awsome attractions can be witnessed with tours along the underground sub-cellars of Turin. Beneath the hectic and bustling city of Turin lies a mysterious, unknown world where time comes to a standstill. The tunnels of the citadel and the sub-cellars of the Baroque palaces are waiting to let you discover […]

Nature’s Haven – Campania

Campania is a region in the southern Italy. It is an area of incredible riches in natural beauty as well as art and culture.Though it may not always be easy to unearth Campania’s wealth of natural beauty, cultural treasures and fascinating hidden history, those who embark upon this quest of discovery, will discover unimaginable treasures […]

Tree-lined Pathways of Lucca

If you’ve visited Italy’s top cities or prefer to travel to smaller cities with fewer tourists, consider these less-visited but interesting Italian cities. You can choose from interesting places like Lucca, Matera, Ravenna, Mantova, Parma, Padua, Urbino, Cremona, Lecce or Brescia. Lucca is in Tuscany and has a historic center completely enclosed by walls that […]

Museums of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is the region in Italy that consists of a flat region, extending from a morainic amphitheater, to the Tagliamento river and to the Adriatic coastline, with its plain and lagoons, of a pre-Alpine part with the Carnic Pre-Alps and of an Alpine Part, which includes the Carnic and Julian Alps. The Carso […]

Lakes and Valleys of Trentino

Trentino is a mountainous province, rich in rivers, torrents and numerous lakes, clusters and chains of mountains of singular beauty, divided in two by the valley of the river Adige. To the west one finds the glaciers of the group Adamello-Presanella-Care Alto and the group of Brenta. To the east the groups of Lagorai, Latemar, […]

Pleasant Winters By The River Tiber

One of the world’s most historic and fascinating cities, Rome is famous for its rich heritage and important buildings. Many magnificent monuments and truly ancient ruins reside in Rome, together with numerous vibrant shopping areas, restaurants and sightseeing opportunities. The city has much to offer tourists and also offers a selection of nearby beaches. Standing […]