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Places of Attraction in Syracuse

The city of Syracuse is located on the southeast coast of Sicily, and is known for being rich in Greek history. Syracuse offers much heritage and many monuments in Greek, Roman and Baroque styles. Just outside of the city are several of the more notable monuments, such as the Temple of Zeus, built in the […]

Lampedusa and The Rabbit Island

Lampedusa is another beautiful Italian island which you can visit during your vacation. This amazing island is part of Pelagie archipelago and you can find it on the map between Malta and Tunisia. The island geographically is situated in Africa, but belongs to Italy. It is part of the region of Sicily, one of the […]

Trastevere – Festa de Noantri

Trastevere, a delightful district in the Italian capital of Rome, is host to an annual fete in July named the ‘Festa de Noantri’ – loosely translated to mean the ‘Festival of We Others’. Trastevere is often described as being ‘off-the-beaten-track’ and was known historically as the ‘real Rome’, with past generations claiming themselves to be […]

Archeological Excavations in Florence

Along with the numerous churches in Florence, there are a few interesting places to visit that will leave you in awe. Visiting the baptistery is an unforgettable experience. The current baptistery was erected in the 11th century; the octagon shaped baptistery contains astrological and astronomical architectural and artistic elements, in addition to the Christian artwork. […]

Three Wine Regions of Italy

We could divide Italy into three major wine-regions by territory – North Italy, from the Adriatic Sea to Mont Blanc, Middle Italy, the Renaissance heart of the country, and South Italy, the oldest wine region. In North Italy, at the feet of the Alps the most important wine grape would be the Nebbiolo, in Piedmont […]

Sample Roman Delicacies

Rome is best known for rustic cooking that’s rich, meaty, and comforting on a cold, winter night. Braised beef and roasted suckling pig – porchetta – are very popular. But there’s also lots of fresh produce so vegetarians can eat well in Rome too. Artichokes, known in Italy as carciofi, are available everywhere in spring. […]

Naval Base of Rome – Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica is both one of the very best and yet least frequented tourist attractions in Italy. Ostia Antica, just 30 minutes from the Colosseum, offers ancient thrills to rival Pompeii, which is four hours south of Rome. Wandering around the ruins today, you’ll see the remains of the docks, warehouses, apartment flats, mansions, shopping […]

Distinctive Town of Puglia – Alberobello

There is a collection of towns in Puglia, just some of the many places that you may choose to visit, or indeed base your stay when you arrive here on your holiday. Where you opt for Alberobello, Gallipoli, Lecce, Locorotondo or somewhere completely different, Puglia will provide you with a relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings […]