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The City of Parma

For cheese lovers, a Northern Italian vacation cannot be complete without visiting the Parma city. It is known for its prosciutto and cheese production facilities. Besides being known for its rich gourmet cuisine, the city also has ample countryside beauty and historical attractions. Romanesque cathedral, Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Steccata, and Palazzo della Pilotta […]

Gran Paradiso National Park

Italy is certainly one of the world’s most exciting holiday destinations. Italy has so much to offer vacationers, ranging from its rich culture to ancient history to scenic landscapes and a plethora of exhilarating activities for visitors all around the country. Gran Paradiso National Park is one of the largest and the best preserved wilderness […]

Monti Pisani -Trekking Along the Olive Groves

The Monti Pisani hills divide the plain where the cities of Pisa and Lucca are located. The Monti Pisani oil trail includes five municipalities- Buti, Vicopisano, Calci, San Giuliano Terme, Vecchiano and is easily accessible thanks to the existing road network which reaches the sea, and the paths along the mountain area. The area is […]

Giradino di Boboli

Boboli Gardens is one of the famous gardens or parks in Florence, Italy. This garden is a home for the collections of sculptures dating during the sixteenth century up to the eighteenth centuries with some of the Roman antiquities. This garden extends from the hill behind the Pitti Palace as far as the Porta Romana. […]

The Festa del Duca di Urbino

The Festa del Duca di Urbino celebrates one of the most important men of Italy, the famous Duke Federico da Montefeltro, who transformed the city in one of the cradles of Renaissance culture. Visitors will be able to observe artisans at work, and learn antique crafting techniques. There are, in fact, several workshops open to […]

Elegance of Santa Croce

Santa Croce in Florence is traditionally attributed to Arnolfo di Cambio, was built from 1295, on the site where, around 1210, the first Franciscan friars to arrive in Florence had a small oratory. Santa Croce is planned as an Egyptian cross, with an open timber roof; there are many tomb slabs set into the pavement. […]

Forio of Ischia

The town of Forio, also called Forio of Ischia can be found in the province of Naples. It is situated on the island of Ishia. Among the many landmarks and natural beauties that you can find in Forio you will find there are numerous coastal watchtowers which have been built along the coastline. A great […]