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Bless Your Throat!

Saint Biago Day, February 3, is a minor celebration all over Italy. Saint Biago is the saint of the throat. It’s tradition to eat leftover panettone with a glass of wine to bless your throat. In some places, Saint Biago Day is celebrated with parades, music, a special mass, or bonfires. In Mugnano di Napoli, […]

The Royal Palace of Caserta

Caserta is the name of a province in the north of the Campania region, and also the name of its capital city. This small area is mainly residential, though it has one major tourist attraction that is popular with Italians and foreigners alike. The opulent Royal Palace of Caserta and its spectacular gardens. If you […]

Brindisi And Carovigno

The province of Brindisi is well suited to those who favor a historical focus. To see some important archaeological sites, first travel to the town of Ceglie Messapica. According to legend, the town was founded by the Pelagasians, who were the ancestors of the ancient Greeks. It served as a military capital for the Messapi […]

Porto Ercole and Aldobrandesca Fortress

The Porto Ercole region of Tuscany is full of small villages and quaint accommodations. While you are visiting this small town of Porto Ercole, you may tour the incredible Aldobrandesca fortress built in the middle Ages as well as the older pieces of architecture and ruins around the town. This 14th century fortress is all […]

The Tabularium

The Tabularium in Rome was the building in which was housed the state archive. It was comissioned by one of Sulla’s lieutenants, Q. Lutatius Catulus, and designed by the architect Cornelius in 78 BC. It survives only to first floor level. The upper storey has been replaced by the medieval Senatorial Palace. The ground floor […]

How Big Is Your Catch?!

Chioggia is one of the major fishing hubs in Italy, offering a wide array of delicious seafood to sample, ranging from scallops and sea cicadas to anchovies and sardines. Many luxury cruises make it a point to stop over in Chioggia so passengers can taste the finest seafood dishes made using the freshest ingredients available. […]

Castello Sforzesco

Stone fortresses perched atop rocky hilltops, majestic palaces and romantic ruins – Italy’s cities and countryside are rife with castles testifying to its turbulent history. The range of castles, towers, battlements and ramparts date as far back as pre-Roman times, many having been restored to their original glory. Children and adults alike will thrill to […]

New Year Delicacies in Italy

As the New Year seem to knock on your door, the time to decorate the dining table with various kinds of local as well as international New Year Food also comes in our mind. Most of the countries across the world have some special cuisines which are served on the first day of the New […]