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Medieval Town of Montepulciano

Montepulciano is a beautiful hilly region on Tuscany’s southwestern edge, east of the historic hilltop town of Siena, where Tuscany meets Umbria near pretty Lake Trasimeno. The Montepulciano grape is found in numerous regions around Southern Italy and most famously in the town of Abruzzo. If you’re in southern Tuscany, a visit to Montepulciano is […]

A Secret Coastal Getaway – Maremma

Maremma is a large area in southern Tuscany. It is a perfect microcosm that stretches between the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto. Maremma is the perfect choice for an Italian tourist who wishes to explore the true essence of Italy. It offers a mixture of ancient civilizations, enduring local traditions, lush landscapes and numerous nature […]

Trulli Houses of Alberobello

For those looking for a truly unique experience away from tourist crowds, head south to Alberobello, Puglia. Step back in time by touring the famous trulli houses, or ancient cone-shaped pheasant houses. Alberobello is now a UNESCO World Heritage site to protect the history of the buildings. The principal tourist activity in Alberobello is wandering […]

Church of Saint Mary of Consolation -Todi

Todi is a town in the Umbria region of central Italy containing numerous historical and interesting buildings and monuments. Todi is a beautiful town with an adorable piazza for a coffee break and irresistible linen shops. This medieval village features a historical main square, the Piazza del Popolo, which is surrounded by a 12th-century chapel […]

Lavish Little Town of Milazzo

Milazzo is a town and is the third-largest city in the province of Messina, and is one of the most important cities of Sicily. Milazzo is the main port of departure for those heading to the Aeolian Islands. Milazzo is also the connector between Messina and Palermo. It has the beautiful tourist spots to visited […]

Roman Commune – Fiumicino

Fiumicino is also a small town on the coast of Italy directly west and slightly south of Rome. Fiumicino is a comune in the province of Rome, Lazio, central Italy. Because it’s a fishing port and resort town and is a great place to go for two things – the first is the ability to […]

Small Town of Malcesine

Malcesine is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy. It’s a picturesque tourist resort with cobbled lanes and a castle, crammed between the blue lake waters and the massive mountain ridge behind, Monte Baldo. The town’s ferry connections to other lakeside resorts make it a good base for sightseeing […]

Check Marostica!

Marostica is a little town in the Veneto region of northern Italy, in the province of Vicenza. It is a picturesque place, located with the Veneto plain on one side and green hills to the north. Marostica’s own hill is crowned with a large ruined castle; defensive walls descend to enclose the hillside and the […]