Festival Of Steak and Porcino Mushroom – Certaldo

Certaldo is located in the south of Florence province, on the border with the province of Siena. Certaldo will be home to the Festival of the Steak and Porcino Mushroom on the 4th and 5th of October, the perfect blend of Tuscan tastes. Tuscan hills and mountains are rich in porcini mushrooms, which are simply delicious when served with steaks…even better if rare! Certaldo is a quaint medieval village immersed in a lush nature tha deserves more than just a quick visit, since October, with its mild temperatures, is the perfect period for calmly strolling along its streets and stopping whenever you want to taste some local food and wines.

So if you are in Italy during the first week of October, do take a chance to explore the place and witness the festivities of the Steak and Porcino Mushroom festival. Hiring a car from other places in Italy to reach this place is suggested as your set of wheels gives you the freedom to explore the place to the core.

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