Ducal Palace of The Gonzaga Dynasty

Gonzaga Dynasty is an Italian dynasty that ruled Mantua from 1328 to 1707 and also Montferrat, with the stronghold of Casale, from 1536 to 1707. The Gonzaga Dynasty had a keenness for art and nuances that were considered an eye fiesta.

The Gonzagas’ royal residence, the Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace), is a majestic, overwhelming maze of gardens and galleries, chapels and courtyards, statues, staircases and frescoes covering around 34,000 square metres. Approach this behemoth via the Piazza Sordello, which is flanked by the Palazzo del Capitano and the Magna Domus – two of the most ancient buildings, with distinctive spiky silhouettes. Once inside, the most famous sight is that of Mantegna’s stunning frescoes in the Camera degli Sposi (Wedding Room). The Gonzagas befriended some major artists over the course of their dynasty, and the results of these associations are everywhere, offering fascinating glimpses into the lives of the times.

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