The Civic Museum of Ivrea

The picturesque town of Ivrea is in north-west Italy, near Turin. Ivrea lies in a basin that in prehistoric times formed a great lake. Today a number of five smaller lakes — Sirio, San Michele, Pistono, Nero and Campagna — are found in the area around the town.

The Civic Museum in Ivrea is a must visit while you are in Italy.The Civic Museum in Ivrea is dedicated to the scholar Peter Alexander Garda (1791-1880) and has a section of Eastern and Archaeological art, and a number of frescoes from the 15th and 17th century.

One unexpected highlight is the Garda Collection of Oriental art, collected by Peter Alexander Garda in the late 19th century. According to experts it is one of the most important collections of Oriental art outside Japan, and contains a great wealth of archaeological finds, mainly dedicated to the colony of “Eporedia” and its origins.

Also in the museum, the Guelpa Collection includes a wide selection of paintings from the 14th to 20th centuries, such as the “Crucifixion” by Giovanni del Biondo (14th century), “Madonna with the Child”, by Neri di Bicci (1418-1492), “Christ removed from the cross”, attributed to Ambrogio da Fossano (1453-1523) and others.

Art of the 20th century is represented by “Portrait of a woman” by Filadelfo Simi (1849-1923) and many works by Pietro Annigoni (1910-1988), an “intimate” painter, sensitive to natural landscapes, and family life.

Also in the museum you can see furniture and other antiques collected in the early twentieth century by Abdone Croff (1893-1946), who was a great friend of Pietro Annigoni.

A visit to the museum would make your holiday in Italy a remarkable one and it is suggested that you visit the museum while you are holidaying around in Italy. It is a good idea to hire a car to take you to Ivrea from other places in Italy where you are put up on a holiday.

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