The Festa del Duca di Urbino

The Festa del Duca di Urbino celebrates one of the most important men of Italy, the famous Duke Federico da Montefeltro, who transformed the city in one of the cradles of Renaissance culture. Visitors will be able to observe artisans at work, and learn antique crafting techniques.

There are, in fact, several workshops open to everybody. Weaving, pottery making, leather carving, glass blowing, basket weaving, stitching and bobbin lace and construction of antique games like kites or spinning tops. There will be a typical arts and crafts market, and you can also taste the original Renaissance dishes of the city.

Performers will be at every corner of the city centre, dancing and singing just for you, especially on the second night, when jugglers and tambourines will also join in such beautiful reconstruction of the ancient glory of the city. A match of Florentine Soccer will also be played. A traditional archery tournament and a joust will take place. Last but not least, a firework show will close the festival.

If you are in Italy during these festivities, it is suggested that you check out all the celebrations of the Festa del Duca di Urbino while you are in Italy. You can hire a car to take you around and explore the joy of these celebrations that take place in August.

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