Festa dei Candelieri

Each year, the city of Sassari, in Sardinia, celebrates Festa dei Candelieri, marking the reason of Mary saving the people from the plague. This celebration is the moment when the whole community of Sassari can be found, together, for the spectacular descent of candlesticks along the city streets to the church of Santa Maria di Betlem.

This celebration is more than 700 years old and involves huge tall wooden structures weighting around 400 kilos, brought around the streets by city men that lift them on their shoulders. They are accompanied by tambourine players, who beat the rhythm for their dancing movements. Tradition says that the more the column will dance, the better will be the year.

Ten gremi, which includes associations of workers like shoemakers, farmers, masons and so on participate, each with its own candeliere or the wooden structure, adorned with paper garlands, ribbons, flowers and little flags. Apart from the religious activities, grilled meat is also part of the festival, together with folkloristic dances and music. As in most Italian festivals, fireworks conclude the celebrations with a bang!

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