Trulli Houses of Alberobello

For those looking for a truly unique experience away from tourist crowds, head south to Alberobello, Puglia. Step back in time by touring the famous trulli houses, or ancient cone-shaped pheasant houses. Alberobello is now a UNESCO World Heritage site to protect the history of the buildings.
The principal tourist activity in Alberobello is wandering around looking at trulli. There are also a handful of small museums and plenty of opportunities for buying kitsch souvenirs and tasting local products.
The centre of Alberobello is mostly composed of typical small-town Italian streets and buildings, with a few trulli interspersed among the buildings in a surreal fashion. Some older back streets are lined chiefly with residential trulli. The most picturesque parts of Alberobello, though, and the strangest, are the two areas composed almost entirely of trulli; over a thousand of them. Here the little white pointy-topped dwellings are clustered together like a hobbit town.
Puglia, though less visited by foreigners, has some of the best wine and and seafood in the country. You won’t eat better for less money than you will in the region’s stunning coastal towns. For a taste of Italy off the beaten path this is a must-visit.
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