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Marostica is a little town in the Veneto region of northern Italy, in the province of Vicenza. It is a picturesque place, located with the Veneto plain on one side and green hills to the north. Marostica’s own hill is crowned with a large ruined castle; defensive walls descend to enclose the hillside and the town centre below in a protective embrace.

Marostica bills itself as the ‘City of Chess’: every two years a medieval-themed festival is held here, when a giant chess game is enacted with human chess-pieces. This takes place in the town square, Piazza del Castello, where the paving marks out a huge chessboard.The Chess Game (Partita a Scacchi di Marostica) takes place in even-numbered years on the second weekend in September.

In odd-numbered years the town hosts a chess tournament instead. The story which is re-enacted during the ‘living’ game, which involves scores of costumed participants and human chess-pieces, is of a local ruler with a beautiful daughter. She had two suitors but rather than letting them fight a duel, the lord proposed a chess match with the winner receiving her hand in marriage and the loser marrying her younger sister.

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