Wedding With The Sea – Festa Della Sensa

Cultural influence and wealth of Venice is well known throughout the historical periods and this typical boat parade festival, Festa Della Sensa is a strong testimony of the fact. This festival symbolically celebrates the political, cultural and social expansion of Venetian republic.

The main event which is called ‘Wedding with the Sea’ is really a grand view to observe when artistically designed heritage boats parade on to the sea starting from the bay at St Mark’s square. The parade culminates in throwing a golden ring at the sea. It portrays symbolically the blessing of the St Peter of the castle and Elena on the Doge of Venice is carried up to the sea and thus in turn signifies the expansion of the Venetian state. Political religious symbolism apart this festival showcases the sportive spirit of the water locked city of Venice in full splendor. With colorful Venetian style rowing boats and festive Sensa market this is the time to be in Venice. The festival takes place on the 19th and 20th of May every year.

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