Tuscany’s Famous Biscotti – Cantucci

In Italy, when visitors drop in at one’s house in the afternoon they are welcomed with a glass of Vin Santo and sweet biscuits that resemble biscotti but which are smaller. This makes it easier to dip them into the wine glass. However for people who do not drink alcohol, this is a recipe of delicious sugar-free Cantucci served with pure apple juice simmered with raisins. It still tastes wickedly sweet, but is more wholesome and a lovely treat to have with guests.

Cantucci are Tuscany’s most famous and traditional biscotti. They are baked twice, the first time in the shape of a loaf, then cut diagonally and baked again until they become crunchy. They are usually served with Tuscan Vin Santo, a wonderful Italian dessert wine. So you may not wish to leave Tuscany without packets of Cantucci stuffed in your luggage and also buy some extra ones at the airport just in case!

You simply might risk running out of the essence of Tuscany’s flavours once back home. While you are in Tuscany, it is a good idea to explore the place to sample some of the finest Italian delicacies and wines. It is suggested that you hire a car to move around to sample various delicacies and flavors of the place. car-rental-italy caters to all the commuting needs of the tourists at economical rates. So, go ahead and check out the flavor of the place and don’t forget to carry some of the flavor home!

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