The Voices of the Palermo Markets

There are a few markets in Palermo that are worth exploring, for the atmosphere as much as any actual shopping you might want to do. But the most famous is the Vucciria Market in the city’s historic center.

The Vucciria Market is located in the historic center in the streets around the Piazza San Domenico, and the stalls that line the streets are predominantly selling fish, meat, and produce. While these kinds of outdoor markets used to be where all the locals did their shopping, the rise of all-in-one grocery stores has meant that some of these markets no longer draw the crowds they used to. The Vucciria Market is as much a tourist attraction as it is working market these days, so it can be busy in the high season – although many of those people are tourists, not shoppers.

The name “Vucciria” comes from the Sicilian word for “voices,” a reference to the noise level in a busy market such as this one. In addition to the seafood and produce that have been staples of the Vucciria Market for hundreds of years, vendors also sell a huge variety of other things you might need to stock your house. You can find everything right here.

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