The Temple of Neptune

The Temple of Neptune is the grandest, the last, and the best preserved of temples at Paestum. This temple was recognized from the first as being the grandest of all the temples and it was therefore assumed in the eighteenth century that it must have been dedicated to the patron god of the city who was Poseidon, the god of the sea. Paestum, is in fact the Roman name of the site. The Greeks called it Possidonia, that is the city of Poseidon whose Latin equivalent is Neptune and therefore this is named the Temple of Neptune.

In the Temple of Neptune, the naos or the inner sanctuary where the culpt of the God is located, is divided by two rows of 7 two-tiered columns. According to legends, Paestum was originally founded by Jason and his Argonauts, but archaeologists believe that it was originally the site of worship of Poseidon or Neptune, the god of the sea. Paestum, at the start of the Cilento coast, is the site of the only well-preserved Greek temple, north of Sicily. It is a fascinating experience to witness this temple and the art and architecture that makes it.

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