The Shroud of Turin

Welcome to the magical city of Turin. Legend has it that Turin is divided into two distinct halves. One of the two is sacred and ruled by white magic influences and the other, on contraire is evil (black magic). The ancient Romans believed the site of Piazza Statuto to be unlucky, and built a cemetery there. It’s now considered Turin’s ‘heart of darkness’. As you explore the streets, you’ll glimpse unnerving details on old buildings, creepy stone monsters – and that’s to say nothing of the eerie subterranean world lying beneath the city.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Renaissance cathedral Duomo di San Giovanni houses the Holy Shroud of Turin, a replica of which is displayed in front of the altar. On the rare occasions the original cloth makes a public appearance, Catholic pilgrims from across the globe flood into town to pay tribute. Another must-see for devotees is the Museo della Sindone, an unusual museum dedicated to all things that are Shroud-related.

The Shroud of Turin, said by believers to have been laid over the dead body Jesus after he was crucified. A trip to the Shroud Museum is a must when in Turin. The actual Shroud itself is kept elsewhere – it’s in the city’s San Giovanni Battista Cathedral inside a vault that’s very rarely opened – but a replica is on display in the Shroud Museum, along with historic information and artifacts related to the story of the Shroud.

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