The Lake District

The Italian lakes district is found at the Northern region of Italy, right below Switzerland. These lakes have been a popular holiday destination since Roman times. Because of the destinations attractions and beautiful scenery, the area still attracts numerous visitors every year for Italian lakes holidays. Beginning in Milan, Italy, the lakes boast many attractions for tourists as well as native Italians.

The lakes of northern Italy are so varied in character that it is tempting to say that all they have in common are the backdrop of the Alps and a certain similarity in luxuriant flora. They are criss-crossed by borders not only of provinces but also of countries and each has its own enthusiastic partisans, including the many writers who have visited them in the past.

Before the days of air travel, the lakes were often the first part of Italy that many travellers would see. The ardor that they engendered in those arriving from the fog and rain of northern climes was often kindled as much by the sun drenched wonder of being in Italy at all as by the lakes’ unique beauty.

Of all the drives in the Lake District the most spectacular must be the one from Orta to Lago Maggiore, over the narrow ridge of mountains called the Mottarone. From the summit of the ridge you can see both lakes, the Alps, and the Po Valley. In the winter there is skiing on the Mottarone, and all year round there are rustic lodges where travellers can break their journey.

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