The Frasassi Caves of Marche

The Frasassi Caves are remarkable caves that lie in the province of Ancona, Marche. The Frasassi Caverns are pretty spectacular, and they’re situated in a lovely river gorge with high cliffs. They are among the most famous show caves in Italy. The karst cave system endowed with stalactites and stalagmites. These caves are the closest you can get to being on another planet while still being on Earth.

You can hire a guide to show you around. The guides are well-informed and tell stories about key areas in the grotto – each dramatically-lit “room” has individual characteristics that piqued the imaginations of the speleologists who discovered them. You can see stalactites and stalagmites of impressive height and width and unusual shapes, like the so-called “organ pipes”, or the “Sword of Damocles” which is a 7.4 meter-high stalactite.

The elegantly formed stalactites and stalagmites in the Frasassi caves make the caves beautiful and worth a visit while in Italy, in the Marche region. You may consider a hike or at least a picnic in the 9000 hectare regional park in which the caves are located. There isn’t a whole lot to see in the immediate vicinity but on your way out you might stop at the seldom-visited Benedictine Abbey of San Vittore. You might also check out the museum of archaeology and paleontology. You might also love to explore some of the Marchegian hilltowns – Jesi, Cingoli, or Recanati – or visit nearby Fabriano, the first place in Italy to produce paper on a large scale.

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