The Beautiful Spread on Corrado Nicolaci

On the southeastern coast of Sicily, the scenic city of Noto holds a unique festival in May called the Infiorata. Artists work with a special organic soil to outline a scene on the sidewalk which is filled in with specially prepared flower petals, along with other organic seeds and dried legumes. The process is much like making a stained glass window, with the leading being the small earthen dam and the glass represented by the flowers.

The exhibit consists of many individual works spread out on Corrado Nicolaci, a street in Noto lined with palaces. On Friday the artists begin their creations so they can be admired over the weekend. Then on Monday children are allowed to run through the flowers, destroying the works. This theme, one of creation by the older forces and destruction by the young upstarts so that renewal can take place, is a theme in many traditional festivals in Italy.

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