Places of Attraction in Tivoli

Tivoli is situated on the Aniene river to the east of Rome, in the Monti Tiburtini hills where the climate is fresher than that of Rome. Due to the fresh climate, the area was popular from ancient times onwards with Rome’s elite classes that built summer retreats in the area. The town was on a major trading route from Rome to the Abruzzi. Modern Tivoli spreads out far beyond the crumblingly picturesque historical centre. In the suburb of Bagni di Tivoli, on the plains below the town centre, it is still possible to bathe in natural thermal springs. If you are very keen on spending a long time here, you may consider visiting Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa among others.

Villa d’Este was built in the 1550s for Cardinal Ippolito d’Este, the son of Lucretia Borgia. Built over a Benedictine convent, the palace was intended for entertaining and contains lavishly frescoed reception rooms. The main attraction for visitors, however, is the breath-taking garden. Designed to impress the Cardinal’s guests, the Villa d’Este’s gardens are composed almost exclusively of water features. Fountains of every description dazzle the onlooker, from the grand ‘Fountain of the Dragons’ and ‘Hundred Fountains’, to a miniature watery reproduction of Rome. The centrepiece, the gigantic Water Organ Fountain, cascades down a huge drop into quiet, shady pools.

The Villa Adriana is a must visit for those with an interest in antiquities. The Emperor Hadrian conceived a countryside dwelling here that would by normal standards be considered a town. A gigantic complex with underground service passages big enough for vehicles, the Villa incorporates lakes, fountains, libraries, baths, temples and gardens.

Some other places of attraction in Tivoli include Villa Gregoriana, Temple of Vesta and Temple of Sybil, Ponte Gregoriano, Rocca Pia, the ruined Roman Amphitheatre, the Romanesque Church of St Sylvester and the Cathedral of St Lawrence.

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