Lover’s Island

Off the coast of Croatia can be witnessed an island which appears to be in the shape of the heart. This incredibly romantic island is also known as the Lover’s Island and is located between Italy and Croatia in the Adriatic Sea.

There are ferries to take you from the Croatian coast to this island. You can rent a car in Italy and drive to the Crotian coast, from where you shall be ferried away to this island. But not all car rental companies allow you to do this due to the higher insurance costs of taking a rental car into Croatia. Your best bet is to hire a car in Trieste, at Trieste Airport as this is the nearest large Italian town to Croatia, driving-wise. These are the car rental companies that provide cars on rental basis to explore through the attractions of Italy and places around.

Some online research work can give you some idea as to what places to visit while you are at it and how to go there. Hiring a car is the best bet and Car Rental Italy provides you cars on hire from a wide range and of fleet they have on offer. They provide car rentals economically, especially during the holiday season, when tourists are more. So take pleasure to explore the place during Christmas, with your hired set of wheels taking you places.

Due to the growing number of tourists every year, car-rental-italy have come up to facilitate all the tourists to provide them an easy, less pricy option to enjoy the vacation. More over to ensure best travelling facilities, large numbers of car rentals companies are running in Italy which provides reasonable prices of rents and a lot more.

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