Italian Straits – Major Traits

There are a few things to keep in mind when you drive through the roads of Italy. There are different types of roads that one needs to be aware of, especially if the person is a tourist to Italy, trying to explore the place by road.

The Auto Strada (green signs) are 2-3 lane split highways and are toll roads costing between 1 euro and 30 euro depending on the distance between toll plazas. Sometimes you pay the clerk directly for the toll, sometimes collect a ticket and pay later. The Auto Strada is Italy’s equivalent to the German Autobahn. Drivers in European roadsters pass as if you are standing still, even when your car is moving at the speed of 120 kmph (70 miles per hour). Stay to the right on all highways unless you want to pass.

The Super Strada (blue signs) is the 2-4-lane road that connects many of the small towns and villages to the Autostrada. They are slower moving and generally wind throughout the countryside.

Gravel Roads (white signs and are known as “white roads”) are the true networks of Italy. Gravel roads may seem a little intimidating at first but soon become part of the adventure, especially at night.

Dirt Roads are usually marked by crickets and the occasional passing wild boar. These are usually an indication that you are either getting very close to your villa or farmhouse, or you made a wrong turn way, way back there.

Speeding Boxes these by-the-side-of-the-road boxes that take a picture of cars that exceed the speed limit are popping up in loads of countries. You may know how they work. If a vehicle exceeds the speed, the box takes a picture and records its speed, processes the fine and drops the ticket in the mail to the vehicle owner. Italian government has installed these little green boxes next to the roadside, usually on the secondary (local) roads that emanate from major cities and they blend in to the scenery a little too well.

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