Incredible Roman Architecture – Pantheon

Italy is a beautiful country that boasts many historic cities and sites. Rome is famous for its architecture and history. The Pantheon is one of the top sites to visit when in Rome. It is a structure built for the gods, literally. It was an ancient temple that still stands today. The Pantheon, an exceptionally well preserved remnant from Roman times, reveals the incredible architectural achievements of the Roman Empire. The precise proportions of the building, with the height equal to the diameter and a single beam of light penetrating the room from the top of the dome, give the room a unique character. Italian Kings and other great Italian influencers are buried in the Pantheon.

Built by the emperor Hadrian, it was completed in around A.D. 128. Its dome is the largest dome anyone had ever built. The Pantheon’s domed ceiling stretches 43 meters across. The building was designed as a temple for all the Roman gods. Nearly perfect in its shape, the vast dome represented the heaven as considered by Romans as an enormous sphere. At the same time, the Pantheon served as one of the emperor’s official places of business. The Pantheon is one of the most visited tourist spots in Italy. It is estimated that it attracts around 1.5 million people annually. This is one of the most complete and well preserved ruins in Rome, standing tall as the largest concrete structure worldwide until the early 20th Century.

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