Gavi di Gavi – Fine Italian White Wine

Gavi is the commune in the Italian region of Piedmont where the white Gavi di Gavi wine is produced. Gavi di Gavi wine is a top-ranking fine white wine with a dry and pleasant character, available in the still classic version or a foaming spumante version, depending on the wine-making styles of the winery. It is a wine that is widely appreciated and is considered fashionable, but also comes from a great tradition in Italy.
Native of Piedmont, the Gavi di Gavi wine is made exclusively from the Cortese grape variety, considered one of the most elegant and representative of the Italian wine culture. Piedmont in the north-west of Italy is the home of many great wines. The mild climate of this area combined with the properties of calcareous soil and the dedication of the wineries have contributed to make Gavi di Gavi wine a distinguished fine white wine that is becoming increasingly popular and exported all over the world.
Gavi di Gavi wine should be served as a food wine at a temperature ranging between 10-12 degrees Celsius but it is also excellent as an aperitif if served at 8 degrees. It can be uncorked all year round, although its light, crisp flavour is appreciated best in the summer. It should be consumed young. As with the best white wines, it can be enjoyed throughout the entire meal and, given its great versatility, works well with many dishes like seafood starters, anchovies and parsley sauce made with garlic and olive oil, first courses of risotto and pasta or fish soup and main courses of fried fish, boiled meat, shrimps and cod, other varieties of fish and fresh cheeses. It is the perfect accompaniment for a dessert of apple fritters.
It is suggested that you visit Gavi while you are in the Piedmont region of Italy. You could taste this exotic fine white wine and also sample the local flavours that compliment it. You may also want to carry some of the Gavi di Gavi wine home for yourself or for friends. Gavi is located to the southeast of Turin and it is a good idea to hire a car to get there. You may find many car rentals in Italy but one of the most economical is Car Rental Italy which caters to commuting needs of Italian tourists at pocket friendly fares. Car Rental Italy offers you the best economical commuting solutions by providing self-driven or chauffeured cars on hire within Italy and has special packages especially for the tourists who prefer to explore Italy to the core and experience the essence of the place to the fullest.

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