Enchanting Fairy-tale Park of Pinocchio–No Lies!!

The Park of Pinocchio is an enchanted place, with an almost retro style atmosphere, located in Collodi, a small town close to Pistoia, Tuscany. The monumental park celebrates the fairy-tale, in more than a hectare of Mediterranean scrubland, of which there are numerous aspects in collaboration with many artists who, have reconstructed the journey that follows the chapters of “The Adventures of Pinocchio”.

The monument “Pinocchio and the Fairy” by Emilio Greco, welcomes visitors and from there, directs you towards the “Mosaic Square” by Venturino Venturi, from where you proceed towards Toy Town. Here, there are bronze and steel sculptures by Pietro Consagra and architectural works by Marco Zanuso, giving a unique experience to visitors. Then you come to the kidnapping scene of the fairy-tale, encountering the police, the know-all, the cat and the fox, the house of Fairy Turchina, The big shark, Pinocchio and more. Step into this park and you encounter the world of Pinocchio.

On the integral part of the Park, there is the restaurant Osteria del Gambero Rosso, designed and carried-out by the architect Giovanni Michelucci. From March to October each year, the Park also hosts shows, epoch tournaments, animation and teaching laboratories that take place inside the “Laboratory of Words and Figures” an area born from an idea by the architect Michelucci.
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