Andrea Palladio’s Dream – Palazzo Pretorio

Buttrio is situated in Italy, in the Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia region where it is within Udine. One of the major attractions in Udine is the Palazzo Pretorio or Palazzo dei Provveditori veneti, which is a palace in Cividale del Friuli, northern Italy is attributed to the architect Andrea Palladio. It was built between 1565 and 1586. Until 1990 it has been the home of the National Archaeological Museum of Cividale.

Renaissance art historian, Giorgio Vasari testified of the existence of a project by Andrea Palladio for the Palazzo Pretorio at Cividale, for which he executed a model. Andrea Palladio was an Italian architect active in the Republic of Venice. Palladio, influenced by Roman and Greek architecture, primarily by Vitruvius, is widely considered to be the most influential individual in the history of architecture.

Giorgio Vasari also wrote that the architect was present at the building’s foundation ceremony. The desire of the Civic Council to construct the Palazzo Pretorio dates to 1559, but the laying of the foundation stone had to wait until March 1565, when the financial means became available.

The palace was completed in 1586. Palladio’s contribution in the building is not immediately recognizable, even if the peculiar basement of arcuated portico, with its stone bosses, may derive from Palladio’s studies of the Roman antiquities in Dalmatia, specifically the amphitheatre in Pula. What seems probable is that the building’s execution was at least undertaken without Palladio’s control, and without particular respect for his original project.

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