Abruzzo – Time For Some Pasta

October is the best month for food festivals in Italy, particularly chestnuts, chocolate, mushrooms, pasta and truffles. You can find wine harvest celebrations and food festivals throughout the country. Big international food events take place in October. Also, the fourth Sunday of October is celebrated as World Pasta Day. Pasta is one of the world’s most favourite foods. Spaghetti, lasagna, rotini, tortellini and many more, there are over 600 known pasta shapes. Pasta is delicious, nutritious and versatile.

The world’s best pasta comes from Italy’s little known Abruzzo. In Italy’s Abruzzo, a handful of legendary factories produce extraordinary dried pasta. Despite the fame of its pasta, Abruzzo itself is little known. Like most of Italy, this region just east of Rome is packed with vineyards, olive trees, Roman ruins and Romanesque churches. The area along the Adriatic does attract vacationers to its family-oriented resorts, yet parts of Abruzzo are so pastoral that shepherds still herd their flocks along ancient sheep tracks and heads turn when a tour bus pulls into town. Abruzzo is separated from Rome by the highest peaks of the Apennines, and those mountains explain why the region has had so few visitors (there’s now an autostrada from Rome). The pasta is so good as it is made with crisp, clean mountain water.

Abruzzo is a good place to visit if you want to sample some of the choicest pasta delicacies of Italy. It is a good idea to hire a car to take you to this place from other places of Italy. There are many more amazing attractions in Italy and it is the best to go for car rental to explore through the Italian tourist attractions. Due to the growing number of tourists every year, car-rental-italy has come up to facilitate all the tourists to provide them an easy, less pricy option to enjoy the vacation.

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