The Tabularium

The Tabularium in Rome was the building in which was housed the state archive. It was comissioned by one of Sulla’s lieutenants, Q. Lutatius Catulus, and designed by the architect Cornelius in 78 BC. It survives only to first floor level. The upper storey has been replaced by the medieval Senatorial Palace.

The ground floor has a solid wall of peperino tufa punctuated with the doorway to an internal staircase and windows. The second storey was arcaded with engaged Doric columns with a frieze of triglyphs and metopes. Behind the arches was a vaulted walkway providing dramatic views of the Forum. Fragments of the third storey lying on the ground before the structure show that it was built of travertine and decorated in the Corinthian order. This well preserved building is conventionally called the Tabularium, or state record office, though there is no definitive proof clinching the identification.

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