Tastebud Teaser – Saltimbocca

Very few food cultures and culinary traditions could be so popular in every corner of the earth like Italian food. Talking of the must try delicacies in your Italy tour it is difficult to choose a handful from the overwhelming range of foods. Italian food is truly variety incarnate that goes on changing and reshaping itself at every other Italian city and culturally distinct area. The same platter would have so many different varieties of garnishing and dressings and fusion, that is simply unbelievable until your taste buds have a direct encounter.

Saltimbocca is a must try delicacy while you are touring Italy. It is a savory delicacy of Rome is a top favorite among locals and tourists. The Italian name literally means ‘hoping in the mouth’ referring to the typical effect it would take inside your palate. Other parts of Italy have their own versions of the Saltimbocca, but the Roman one is considered a real champ. The main ingredient of Saltimbocca is meat- it can either be chicken, lamb or mutton, though Chicken Saltimbocca is the most popular. Chicken or meat garnished in prosciutto ham, mozzarella cheese, sage and spinach make up this popular dish of Rome and Italian cuisine.

Rome can cater to your tastebuds with a handful of the finest dining places with exclusive Italian delicacies to tease your tastebuds. It is a good idea to hire a car to move around to explore the myriad of food joints in Rome to sample the local flavor. car-rental-italy provides cars on rental with economy packages on offer, especially to tourists who wish to explore the place to the core and grasp the true essence of the local flavor.

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