Venetian Antiques – Shoppers’ Haven

Italy is truly a shopper’s paradise and this is the place for your holiday shopping to take place. Italy is known for its designed chinaware, glassware and porcelain art. This great lineage is reflected in antique markets and you will find them in spades especially in Venice, Rome and Florence. If you want to find an exclusive collection of pottery items Florence is the best place for for you.

Venetian glass, porcelain and other antiques are particularly famous. You will not always have to pay a premium piece for Murano glass jewelry or an antique mask, but you need to get around the shopping street a lot to come out with a good bargain.

Famous venetian antiques that you can consider to buy include Murano glass jewelry, Murano glass antique showpieces or vases, designed ceramic masks or Venetian Carnevale masks, delicately designed lacework of Burano and more. For a better shopping experience you should plan your Italy tour and visit Venice at the time of the antique fair that takes place three times a year, in April, September and before Christmas.

Shopping for antiques and souvenirs in Venice can be a pleasurable experience and it is suggested that you go for a hired set of wheels to bring you to Venice from other parts of Italy. Furthermore, a guided tour can be an added advantage as the chauffeur or the guide will have up to date knowledge of the local markets and can assist your shopping. Car rentals have some exclusive offers for tourists who intend to go on shopping spree. car-rental-italy is the best option if you are planning for an economy rental. Car rental Italy has on offer a wide variety of cars to cater to your individual needs from 2 door economy cars to 9 seat Minivans, automatic transmission cars and many more options.

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