The Festival of Artichoke – Ladispoli

Sagre are Italian food festivals. Unlike religious festivals that include special foods, like Easter, Shrove Tuesday and Carnival of Ivrea, these festivals are centered on the local cuisine. The events are usually held annually and the entire community gets involved. If you happen upon one of these festivals during your stay, you should take advantage of it. You will often have the opportunity to taste local fare and seasonal foods that you might otherwise miss out on during your travels.

As spring enters Italy, it’s a fine time for sampling the fresh and best fruits and vegetables. And one example that Italy prides itself on is that of the artichoke. If you’re a big artichoke fan, then you cannot afford to miss the Artichoke festival. The Festival of the Roman artichoke is held in Ladispoli, Rome. This town boasts the largest artichoke celebration in Italy.

The three-day festival is devoted to free tastings and sales of specialities. Visit the stands and sample some of the finest Italian artichokes and products from regions such as Sicily, Lazio and Puglia. The families of local producers prepare specially fried artichokes for that extra bit of flavour. Ladispoli makes a big deal out of its annual artichoke festival and really goes to town on ensuring that a good time is had by all.

It is a good idea to participate in these food festivals in Italy as it gives you an idea of the true essence of Italy and its food. The artichoke festival is not worth missing while you are in Italy during the spring time. It is suggested that you hire a car to take you to Ladispoli, from the place in Italy where you are out on your vacation. There are many car rentals in Italy like Car Rental Italy that provide you pocket friendly commuting options.

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