Sicilian Delicacies – Couscous

The beach at San Vito lo Capo in Sicily is a hidden treasure worth exploring. The limestone cliff of Mount Cofano is visible from the beach, which is near Zingaro Nature Reserve. After relaxing on this gorgeous stretch of beach, you can take a trip to either Erice or Segesta, nearby historical sites. While the summer temperatures are ideal for a beach trip, you may wish to wait until September to visit in order to catch San Vito lo Capo’s annual Couscous Festival.

You may have tried couscous before, but if you’ve never tried it in Sicily, you’ve never really tasted it. Each September, San Vito holds a festival in honor of this delicious specialty, which is made from durum wheat. It has a shape similar to rice, yet a flavor and consistency to pasta. Couscous is believed to have preceded pasta. While pasta noodles are made from flour, couscous comes from semola, which is made from the coarse remains of grain after most of it has been ground into flour.

Couscous has a deep culinary history in Sicily. The unique food stopped being made for four centuries before being reintroduced to the area by way of northern African cuisine sometime after 1600. Originally, families prepared ‘cuscusu’, as it was called in the fourteenth century, from millet. It became popular in Sicily, particularly in the Trapani, Sciacca, and Marsala areas.

Even with such ancient roots, the dish has been cultivated through the years and the current methods of preparing couscous are rather modern. Sicily’s version of this recipe is not as spicy as similar African recipes. Cooks steam meat or fish-flavored semola and top it with a sauce of meat or fish along with potatoes, carrots, peeled tomatoes, garlic, onions, celery, parsley, and seasonings such as paprika, saffron, and olive oil.

Trapani is most-known for its couscous alla trapanese, which is the fish and seafood variety of the meal. You’re sure to find a dozen varieties of this delicious dish while visiting the place. It is suggested that you hire a car to move around and sample the local flavor available there. It is a good idea to hire a car to take you around this place as there is much more to discover when you venture on your own. There are many car rental agencies and car-rental-italy is one of the best car rental services in Italy that caters to all the commuting needs of tourists.

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