Seasonal Delights – Panettone

Most Italians fast on Christmas Eve and then share a celebratory evening meal called cenone. This is a meatless meal featuring many different fish dishes, with dried fruits and sweets for dessert. Some foods featured at Christmas time are panettone, a kind of fruited cake, torrone (nougat candy), panforte, gingerbread or honey cake, almonds, assorted nuts, and honey.

Panettone is popular in all over Italy and is commonly prepared during the Italian Christmas celebrations. It is a popular sweet which comes from Milan and offers you a refined taste of the Italian tradition and custom. Apart from the traditional flavor, you can also find other flavors of this sweet to pick your chosen flavor. For instance, Panettone is available in chocolate flavor without the usual candied fruits.

Panettone is usually served in vertical slices and can be enjoyed with sweet wines, hot cocoa, sweet liquors like the amaretto. The Italian Panettone offers a distinct taste which adds to the attraction of any celebration, whether a Christmas event or a birthday party. If any major event or celebration is round the corner, then you would definitely look for the best gifts for your loved ones. Get hold of an exclusive Italian sweet hamper that includes some traditional sweets.

When you consider the best of traditional Italian sweets then you are bound to go for Italian panettone and toroni. These are highly popular not only in Italy but all over the world during the festive season like Christmas.

It is strongly suggested that you try out these Christmas delicacies while you are in Italy during Christmas. There are many restaurants and eateries in Italy that offer these seasonal specialities and it is a good idea to hire a car and explore around to sample all the regional delicacies within Italy during the Christmas season. car-rental-italy provides car rental at economical prices, making your visit to Italy during the holiday season a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

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