Say Cheese!

Italy is famous for many things like pasta, architecture, coffee, pizza and pasta, to name a few. But it is unimaginable a world without Italian cheese, No Parmesan on your pasta or mozzarella on your pizza. One thing about Italian food is the regional variances. Pizza and pasta types vary from region to region as do such things as breads.

Within these regional variances certain areas of Italy do things better than others, whether it be because of the terrain or the climate different products are associated with different areas, such as Parma ham from Parma, pizza from Napoli, meat dishes from Turin and fish dishes from Sardinia. Lombardi, the region which includes Milan is renowned throughout Italy for its cheese and sausage.

From Gorgonzola to Asiago, mozzarella to Fontina, parmesan to provolone, these Italian cheeses are delicious and make a great combination to any meal. While you are in Italy, be sure to sample the variety of authentic cheeses available there. And when on your shopping spree, you might want to pick up some Italian cheese to carry back home.

Be sure to explore the place while you sample and pick up the finest cheeses in the world, the Italian. Hiring a car would be a great option as it’d give you the freedom to move around and shop at leisure.                 car-rental-italy has some great options for tourists who prefer to explore the place and go around shopping and dining.

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