Places of Attraction in Syracuse

The city of Syracuse is located on the southeast coast of Sicily, and is known for being rich in Greek history. Syracuse offers much heritage and many monuments in Greek, Roman and Baroque styles. Just outside of the city are several of the more notable monuments, such as the Temple of Zeus, built in the 6th century BC, as well as the Ancient Greek Castle of Euryalos, one of the most complete defensive complexes in all of Western Europe.

Other monuments include the Temple of Apollo, The Fountain of Arethusa, which is on Ortygia Island, as well s the Greek Theatre, which was modified later by the Romans for their Circus games and other uses. Roman Amphitheatre, which was partially carved out of rock is also worth checking out while you are there. Syracuse also features quite a few historical churches of note that represent many styles and periods.

Overall, a visit to the city of Syracuse shall give you a worthwhile experience and make you relish the flavor of ancient Italy. It would be a great idea to hire a car to venture around the place and what could be better than an eonomical car rental service like the Car Rental Italy? Car Rental Italy provides car rentals at economical prices, especially to satiate tourist interests in and around the places of attraction in Italy.

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