Pisa Attractions – The Leaning Campanile

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the bell tower (campanile) shared by the cathedral and Campo dei Miracoli. The tower is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, even when it would stand straight up. The atypical design of the tower is similar to the design of the Tower of Babel, according to the Greek writer Herodotus. The bell tower has 7 bells which are tuned to a musical scale and counts 294 steps.

Pisa is best known for its leaning tower but there is much more to see in this Tuscan town. The area around the cathedral and tower, Piazza dei Miracoli, is beautiful and can easily occupy several hours. Pisa was one of the four great maritime republics in the middle ages and retains a good selection of monuments from that era. There’s also the Arno River, a university, and several interesting museums.

Today the cause of the tilt is obvious, but back then they didn’t know that it was because of insufficient foundations sinking into the weak subsoil. Many different efforts were taken to solve the problem, such as digging out the pathway around the foot of the tower. Under the command of Mussolini they even filled the foundations up with concrete, which made the looming even worse.

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