Pirellone – A Stand-alone Wonder In Milan

Pirelli Tower was the first building in Milan to surpass the height of the cathedral. The innovative skyscraper, nicknamed Pirellone, was instantly recognized as an international landmark when it was completed in 1959 as the headquarters of Pirelli. The construction of the tower started in 1955 at the site where the company’s first factory stood since 1872. It was designed by a collective of architects, spearheaded by Gio Ponti and Pier Luigi Nervi.

The most striking aspect of the Pirelli Tower’s design is its slender shape. Thanks to Nervi’s technical knowledge it was possible for Ponti to design a tower with a very narrow base, supported by concrete piers that decrease in size as they approach the top of the building.

The building’s slender appearance is reinforced by the receding concrete walls that contain the service areas at either side of the building. Here the front and back facade almost touch each other, except for a narrow gap that runs all the way from the bottom to the top, again reinforcing the image of a tall and narrow tower. A similar gap between the roof and top floor results in a roof that seems to float above the building.

The Pirelli Tower rises from a small base straight up to a height of 127 meters. It was the first building that rose above the top of the Madonnina on the Duomo, which for centuries marked the highest point in the city. Today this iconic building is still the most elegant and architecturally successful skyscraper in Milan and is not worth giving a miss while you are there in Milan.

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