Parks and Tunnels of Turin

A secret shade of Turin’s awsome attractions can be witnessed with tours along the underground sub-cellars of Turin. Beneath the hectic and bustling city of Turin lies a mysterious, unknown world where time comes to a standstill. The tunnels of the citadel and the sub-cellars of the Baroque palaces are waiting to let you discover their mysteries.

You can go to Parco Valentino, a park near River Po. You can walk peaceful in its large avenues, admiring green trees and rich flower beds. If you like nature, Turin is full of parks, like Val Troncea Park, Collina di Superga Park and much more. Madama is one of the most important monument you cannot miss to see. It is positioned on Castello square, the old part of the city. It comprises two enormous roman towers.

There are endless discoveries to be made in Turin’s province, from learning about Italy’s first capital to the Alps of the Olympics, and from the hills of Canavese to the summits of Gran Paradiso. Exploring the territory which, with its art, history, nature and culture, sport and tradition, has an exceptional appeal is made easy when you are behind a set of wheels. Car rental Italy provides car rentals at economical prices, especially to satiate tourist interests in and around the places of attraction in Italy.

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