Milan’s Picturesque Park– Parco Sempione

There are some pretty green places in Milan worth visiting while you are there. Giardini Pubblici is Milan’s prettiest park, it was designed by the same 18th-century architect who did La Scala. Today, it’s a lovely green space with avenues and a small lake. It’s also perfect for kids. There’s a planetarium and the Museum of Natural History. And across the road, the Giardini della Villa Reale, with their swings and small pond are such a haven for kids, the only people allowed in are children under 13 accompanied by adults.

And then there is Parco Sempione. Right in the center of Milan, Parco Sempione boasts not just lots of green space and opportunity for people-watching, but some top sights, including the Triennale and the Torre Branca. Parco Sempione is a forty-seven hectare large park near the Sforzesco Castle, just outside the historic center of Milan.

There are a number of noteworthy buildings and monuments in the park such as a large arch and a more than one hundred meter-tall tower. The park is nicely laid out in a landscape style with winding paths, open grassy areas, tall trees and a picturesque bridge across a central pond. It is especially popular during spring and summertime when many events are held in the Sempione Park.

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