Lecco – A Promenade Around the Waterfront

The town of Lecco is in a lovely location at the southern tip of Lake Como, one of the popular Lombardy lakes. The highlight of the place is the waterfront area, with its views along the lake and between the mountains, and the surrounding old town of Lecco. The place enjoys an almost unique position, surrounded by a fantastic, fairy-tale-like countryside.

Barricaded between rugged mountains, the wide basin is dominated by the Grigne Mountain Group, San Martino and the unmistakable crest of Resegone – mountains so beloved by artists like Alessandro Manzoni and Stendhal. Lecco is a modern center that counts several interesting monuments among its possessions, both ancient and modern, like the Visconti Bridge and Tower and structures signed by architects Mario Cereghini and Mino Fiocchi. The city’s fame is closely linked to its literary mentions in the novel I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed), a Manzoni masterpiece.

A journey into exploring this land can lead you along many paths and trails that intertwine to form a multi-coloured and fascinating story – protected nature reserves, inhabited settlements dotting the landscape and epochs seen in the architecture, in particular, that of the Romanesque. Various tour themes highlight the profundity of the Provincial art, history and terrain.

The main focus of your visit will be to take a promenade around the waterfront area – the view along this southern fork of Lake Como is very lovely and you will want to allow time to stroll around enjoying the views before heading into the town itself. The famous town bell tower is also near the waterfront. Lecco is quite a busy commercial town rather than a ‘tourist destination’ so while a visit is certainly recommended to appreciate the setting and the monuments in the town, it is not a common base for visitors to Lake Como.

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